FaceApp iOS App Download 4.2.1 – Download For iPhone

by Emmanuel

What is the face app everyone’s using?

FaceApp is a free mobile application and can be in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android devices.

It has an iPhone version which is more powerful than that of Android, due to the fact that the iPhone camera works very well with the app.


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FaceApp Gender Swap Feature

FaceApp also comes with a gender swap filter that changes your gender via artificial intelligence.

This feature is available for both Android and iPhone versions of FaceApp.



Does FaceApp store your photos?

Nope, FaceApp does not store your images. Its simply a filter applying App and should not be confused with other Apps like Instagram.


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FaceApp IOS APP Download 4.2.1

Download iOS APP  >>> Download

How Does FaceApp Work?

Taking a picture or one from your gallery, you can use filters to edit the snap, add a new hairstyle and edit a smile.

The app uses neural networks – a type of artificial intelligence – to edit the photos.


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