How to Make Money Online with ClixSense | ClixSense Login

How to Make Money Online with ClixSense | ClixSense Login

by Emmanuel

Clixsense has been around for a long time and only a few people really know how easy it is to make money online with clixsense.

In this Blog post, am going to be explaining in detail How to make money online with Clixsense. Clixsense is a fairly easy and straight forward website for making money online.



Clixsense is a GPT (Get Paid To) website that rewards members with money for completing online surveys, watching sponsored videos, answering questions and doing simple tasks online.

Their are lots of ways of making money online with Clixsense which makes it one of the most versatile online making money websites.


Is ClixSense a Scam?

The major problem with online make money websites is trust, this isn’t a suprise as more than 50% of make money websites today are scams.

Clixsense on the other hand is a verified make money website and has existed for over 12 years now, it is ranked amongst the Top 20 websites in the world ( Alexa Rank ) as well as a total payout so far of over $49 million to thousands of its members.

Another important factor that sets Clixsense apart from other make money websites is that, it allows people from all anywhere in the world to be able to earn.

You can make money online with ClixSense from Nigeria, India, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Germeny, Belgium, France, China etc.

Another thing that makes Clixsense better is the easy Cashout / Withdrawal process, once you hit the threshold of payment ($10), you can easily withdraw using various payment options and receive paymnt within 5 days.

Clixsense is a platform to consider if you have a lot of free time and would like to earn some extra bucks online.


Get Started Making Money Online with CLIXSENSE

  • Register
  • Complete Your Survey Profile
  • Take Surveys & Other Offers
  • Add Withdrawal Method
  • Invite Your Friends




Make money online with Clixsense Registration form

Unlike some Make money websites, Clixsense’s Registration is straight forward. All you need is to fill in basic information i.e First Name. Password, Email etc.

Click Here To Register Or Clixsense Login

After filling in your required details, a confirmation message will be sent to your specified Email Address, Click the activation link and your all set.

Yon can find the Clixsense Login here


Complete Your Survey Profile

The next step after registration would be to complete your survey profile, this point is very important because if you skip it then you’ll miss out a lot of good surveys ( high paid ones )


Click the Survey tab and select the Survey profile tab below it.

Make Money Online With ClixSense - Clixsense Survey Profile

After that you’ll see a popup, answer all the questions you see accordingly and click “Close” when your done


Take Surveys & Other Offers

Once your survey profile is complete, you can now start completing surveys and other offers to make earnings.

Make Money Online With ClixSense - CLIXSENSE SURVEY PAGE clixsense tasks

There are different offers you can complete and some offer better pay than others ( More on this below )


Add Withdrawal Method

Since you’ve started earning, it would be advisable to setup your preferred setup method now so your earnings don’t get stuck once you’ve reached the Clixsense withdrawal threshold of $10.

Click Here To Register

Clixsense Withdrawal payment methods

You can select any of the four payment methods but, i recommed skrill as its the only one i’ve used so far.

Clixsense Affiliate & Referral ( Invite Your Friends to Earn )

Another method of making money online with Clixsense is by referring other people to the platform. You get a whooping 30% of what ever your friends earn for life.

If your friend is making $20 weekly via clixsense, you’ll be creditied with $6 without any work.

Clixsense Affiliate Program for Multiplying Earnings from Paid Surveys

Click Here To Register | ClixSense Login

Now imagine you refer 10 friend and they earn a minimum of $10 weekly, you would be making $6 x 10 which is $60 per week & $240 monthly without any work.

Best Ways of Making Money Online with CLIXSENSE

  1. Clixsense Surveys
  2. Completing Clixsense Offers (Watch Sponsored Videos)
  3. Clixsense Tasks

Completing Clixsense Surveys

Surveys, no doubt is the most effective way of making money online with Clixsense.

You can make as high as $5 from a single survey.

Clixsense survey page

Generally, surveys range between 10 – 15 minutes to complete but some may take more time.

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Clixsense Offers (Watch Sponsored Videos)

The next on the list is Clixsense offers, with offers you can also earn a lot depending on the kind of offer your comfortable with.

clixsense offers

Video offers generally pay highest but are somewhat competitive, you also have App testing offers as well as paid offers.


Completing Clixsense Tasks

Completng tasks on Clixsense is another good way of making money. Tasks can range from typing to prove reading which does require you having some technical experience.

Clixsense Tasks

Your earnings can range from between $0.01 – $4 as the case maybe, more difficult tasks generally pay better.

PS: Tasks are very competitive



Clixsense is clearly a real way to make money online but it actually depends on you, if your willing to put in the work then you’ll surely make money from this.


If you have any questions about Clixsense or anything related to it just comment below.


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